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Mazel Tov to Gabe & Rachel Tash!

We share in joy as we welcome Charlie Wesley Tash to the world. We welcome him into the Covenant of Israel, and into the Temple Shalom family. Mother, Father, and baby are all doing well. 

Rachel shares here about Charlie’s name: 
Charlie is named after Gabe’s great uncle, Charles Schiff, who was a loving presence throughout Gabe’s childhood. He was a successful business owner in New York City and loved trains and dogs, just like my husband, Gabe.
Charlie Wesley TashCharlie’s middle name, Wesley, was my maternal grandfather’s name. Wesley Leonard was a family physician in Rockville Center, New York and lived in Concord, NH with me for the last few years of his life. He was a hard working community doctor and was incredibly devoted to his grandchildren.
Charlie’s Hebrew name is in honor of my paternal grandmother’s long time partner, Sidney Horblitt. Sid was around for most of my childhood and he was like a grandfather to me and my sisters. Sid always referred to my mother (Carol Sobelson, hebrew name Shira) as Shira Katanah (little Shira) and in response we all called him, Shalom Gadol (big Shalom). Although Sid’s true given hebrew name was Shalom, in my mind he never went by this single word so naming Charlie after his full nickname seemed more appropriate. Cantor Halpern has helped us to translate this into English as “Great Peace,” which we also think is a wonderful reflection of Sid’s character and the kind of person we hope Charlie will become, too. 
We look forward to many happy occasions with the Tash family, as we watch the family grow. May they aways continue from strength to strength. Mazel Tov!