Shabbat Bo – Connections: Dr. King’s Teaching for our Discordant Time

Divrei Shalom

In recent months, I have been busy building out my morning rituals. I still begin with coffee & catching up with news (nothing new there.) I continue to work at strengthen my Mindfulness practice (most mornings.) It’s still somewhat new to me, but I have found it meaningful in these past two and half years of baby-steps. Recently I’ve added two more “practices.” Each came “on-board” separately, but around the same time. Each involves a short reading/reflection piece to help my mind, heart and soul focus on more than news and minutiae of my day. One, which came from a somewhat surprising source, Itake-your-soul-to-work-365-meditations-on-every-day-leadership-by-erica-brown-book-cover-284x400’ll share as part of tomorrow morning’s monthly Seeking Shabbat. The other was occasioned by the publication of Erica Brown’s newest book, Take Your Soul to Work: 365 Meditations on Every Day Leadership.

I’ve shared teachings from some of Erica Brown’s other books over the years…

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