Sometimes Symbols Must Be Put Away

A slightly updated version

Divrei Shalom

banned-flagFor weeks I have been trying to understand the discourse surrounding the flying of the Confederate flag in public settings which erupted anew in the aftermath of the recent shooting at Mother Emanuel Church in Charleston, South Carolina.  The shooting, which claimed the lives of nine innocent people gathered for Bible study, shocked and horrified our nation.  In the days and weeks since the debate around the symbolism of the Confederate flag has swirled at a fever pitch.  The flag has now been removed from the South Carolina Capital. Yet, I still find myself troubled by some of the discourse that followed the shooting and the funerals for those nine victims.

I have no problem understanding that some people genuinely view that flag as a part of their heritage as Southerners.  I am troubled by the notion that in clinging to a cherished symbol, people can overlook or willingly sublimate…

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