Call for Ideas from Me’ah Graduates!

At the end of this year, we will graduate our eighth cohort from our Me’ah course, a two-year college-level adult learning series that is an overview on Jewish history, thought, and tradition.  By our rough calculations, we have had close to two-hundred Temple Shalom members go through the program.  This is a major accomplishment for our community; it is one of the many large jewels in our community’s crown.

After 16 years of Me’ah, and after talking it through with the folks at Hebrew College, we have decided that we are going to take a brief break from the course.  We want to let our fields lay fallow for just a bit, so if you were interested in taking Me’ah, don’t worry about missing out.  You haven’t; know it’s coming back!

While we are on our Me’ah hiatus we are thinking of offering something a little different. Considering that we have so many Me’ah graduates in our ranks, and considering the level of adult learning that prompts, I want to ask for your ideas.

What topic would you want to study if we were to offer a post-Me’ah class taught by a Me’ah professor?  What topic or sort of matters in the sphere of Jewish studies are you yearning to know more about?  Post up your responses as comments here, or email me your suggestions at!


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