Avinu Malkeinu, the wordle edition

In our youth services this past Rosh Hashanah, our students had the opportunity to share their voices while in prayer. After reading through Avinu Malkeinu, Seth Kroll, Temple Shalom’s Youth Educator, invited the students to take out their cell phones. (I know! Cell phones for services? It got their attention, and it gave them the opportunity to participate in the services.) Avinu Malkeinu is about lending our voices to articulate our deepest hopes and prayers for this year to come. Seth instructed the students to text their end phrases to Avinu Malkeinu. Each text message was then sent to a special feed, that was projected onto a screen for the whole youth congregation to see.  What they came up with was amazing, and so I want to share the results with you.

To see their full Avinu Malkeinu prayers, visit our SHAFTY website by clicking here.

Seth also took their prayers and entered it into this wordle document, giving us a fascinating look at the prayers that our youth hold dear. Here is how to understand the image: the larger the word, the greater the frequency it appeared in the students own prayers. Not to mention, this visual just looks kind of cool.

One thought on “Avinu Malkeinu, the wordle edition

  1. This is a great idea. What fun for the kids! Thanks for sharing this. Love, NanaLana

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