Why a Blog??

Yom Kippur 5771 – Rabbi Gurvis speaks on the subject technology in our lives and the book he read last summer, The Tyranny of Email.  He speaks about the importance of relationship and face-to-face encounters (and invites the congregation for coffee).

January 2011 – Rabbi Gurvis, with heavy lifting from Rabbi Hirsch, is helping to launch a Blog from Temple Shalom’s clergy.

What’s up?

Rabbi Gurvis:  I still believe in and favor face-to-face communication.  But I also recognize that we live in a bold, ever-changing world.  So much happens, and it happens so quickly, that we rarely have time to keep up.  What’s more, occasional sermons and monthly bulletin articles (which are submitted a full month before publication) do not allow for timely consideration of important matters.  And so . . . a blog.

Our hope is that through this vehicle, which we hope to keep current, and which is available on our brand new Temple Shalom website (launched January 19th), we can engage one another in respectful conversation about the world in which we live and how our Jewish values can help us interface with the world around us, and the people with whom we share this world.

This is a new venture.  Inevitably there will be bumps along the way.  But like the Israelites of whom we read just over a week ago, we are plunging into the waters, hoping they will be friendly and that  together we can muse and make sense of our lives, our world and the questions in our respective souls.  We hope you’ll join us along the way!

Come on in – so far, the water’s fine!

Rabbi Eric S. Gurvis  and Rabbi Neil E. Hirsch


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